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medicare advantage arizona

medicare advantage arizona

Only a local plan can offer the personalized support you get with a Blue Cross ® Blue Shield ® of Arizona Advantage (HMO)( BCBSAZ Advantage) plan. By combining medical and prescription drug coverage, enhanced healthcare benefits, and conveniences such as neighborhood service centers, BCBSAZ Advantage helps make the most of your healthcare dollars. BCBSAZ Advantage plans are available exclusively to residents of Maricopa

County, Pima County, parts of Pinal County and Santa Cruz county
• Part A helps pay for hospitalization. Most people do not pay a monthly premium for Part A.
• Part B helps pay for outpatient medical care, like when you go to the doctor’s office. Most people pay a $135.50 monthly premium for Part B (or a bit less).
• Private Part D plans help pay for prescription drugs for people with Original Medicare coverage. You have to pay an extra monthly premium for Part D and the amount depends on which Part D plan you get.
• Private Medigap policies cover some expenses that Original Medicare does cover. You have to pay an extra monthly premium for these policies, also called Medicare Supplement Insurance. In Arizona, you can not get a

Medigap policy if you are under age 65.
• You can visit any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare payments
Should You Choose medicare advantage arizona ?
Many of those who are eligible for Medicaid prefer Advantage plans over Original Medicare. In fact, around 30 percent of Medicare eligible people choose MA plans. Some reasons to consider Medicare Advantage in Arizona include:
• MA must establish a mandatory out-of-pocket maximum for all Medicare services in Medicare A and B, hospitalization and medical insurance. Once this minimum is met, 100 percent of Medicare-eligible costs are covered. The mandatory maximum for any MA plan is $6,700, although some Advantage plans may have a lower mandatory minimum.
• MA plans usually include prescription drug coverage. This means that you do not need to enroll in a prescription drug program if you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Arizona.
• Other services may be covered. From dentures to eye exams, some Medicare Advantage Arizona plans go beyond what Original Medicare covers.

licensed agents can help consumers to make informed decisions about whether to opt for Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Arizona licensed agents can explain the recommend plans and options from your region that will best suit your budget and your particular needs. Discuss your needs with Insurance Agency before enrolling in Medicare Advantage in Arizona.

This year 38% of Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona decided on a Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare. As the senior population in Arizona increases and healthcare information becomes more transparent under new laws, it’s no surprise that more and more seniors will be opting with a private Medicare Advantage plan. If you have a disability, you may also qualify for Medicare Advantage in Arizona. Open enrollment begins soon – Insurance Agency to provide the personalized service you deserve and get you set up, at no cost to you

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